2019 Bridal Shower trends: Minimal Eucalyptus and Blush

Make Me Digital Eucalyptus inspiration

The greenery trend has hit the wedding, baby shower, and bridal shower world with a bang in 2018, and will continue to be a strong favorite within 2019 as well. Some events have chosen to incorporate exclusive Eucalyptus decor across all elements whilst others go for the more minimal approach.

This inspired the below idea board, planning for a Bridal shower does not need to be an expensive process, and can look just as beautiful by incorporating small elements. Your Bride-to-be bestie will be impressed with the below bridal shower ideas.

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Make Me Digital Blush and eucalyptus pinspiration boardPhoto credits via: Confetti Paper Party | Cydconverse | Pomtree | Pretty as Pie | Darina Stoda Photography | Peter Jurica Photography | Show Me Your Mumu

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